Guangju Design Institute

黑龙江十一选五遗漏 Zhejiang Guangju Designing Institute was founded by Zhejiang Guangju Decoration Co., Ltd. Our institute is located at 18th Floor, Building B, Yuanhua Wangzuo Tower, near shopping area of Qingchun Intime, Hangzhou. Our institute has seven branches, over 120 people. The company possesses First Qualification of integration of architectural decoration project designing and construction, First Qualification of integration of curtain wall engineering designing and construction, and Second Qualification of integration of fire protection facility engineering designing and construction. It also passed ISO9001 quality system initial appraisal, ISO14001:2004 “Environmental Administration System” and GB/T 28001-2011 “Working Health Administration System”. It’s a new professional designing company.

We establish and manage our brand and try to make it a valuable designing brand. We devote ourselves to find motion, value and connection between customers’ production and business, and to meet customers’ brand vision or commercial designing needs based on international and professional brand designing and administration. We have picked project teams and all sided business field to establish a brand for you to solve personalized and systemic problems of brand management and spread.

We have senior designers, who analyze marketing strategy and vision to increase commercial designing’s art aesthetic in allusion to specific project. To establish a strong brand for the company is Guangju Designing Institute’s idea. The company’s goal, “fist-class teams, first-class brand, and first-class performance”, arouses the enthusiasm and creativity of employees sufficiently.

Looking forward to the future, we will keep working, bring our superiority into full play, keep a foothold in the big market, and develop sustainably. We have reasons to do better, for our society, and for Zhejiang Guangju Designing Institute’s future.